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Annual/Seasonal Rental in 2012.  Small 1 and 2 br apt in triplex building. 1 bath each (shower not tub) Unfurnished/furnished. 1 br $620/mo. annual unfurnished to $997/mo seasonal furnished.  2 br $950/mo annual unfurnished to $1,485/mo seasonal furnished.  Close to Canaveral Seashore and BB parks.  Not suitable for children; will consider pets.  Consider one or both.   386-409-7130 or 386-409-7881.

I am sending my business card and check to you at the end of November for placement January 1st.  It can be placed earlier if there is no additional charge for 2011.  As you indicated there is no pro-rata for a partial month and it doesn't make sense to pay a full year for one or two months.

Thanks for your help.  Have a great week.  Happy Holidays.


Lillian Conrad, CPA

6834 Turtlemound Rd, New Smyrna Beach, FL(NO MAIL) 386-409-7130
P.O.Box 1359, Edgewater, FL 32132-1359
Cell 813-787-8662. EMail,



Have a great day!

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